Old Forester Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon (1960) Review

IMG_0910Type: Bourbon

ABV: 50%

Age: 5 Years Old

Price: N/A

The government tax stamp indicates that this whiskey was barreled in 1955 and bottled in 1960.  Despite spending such a short time – by modern standards, at least – in wood, the bourbon is a deep, rich, and very appealing reddish-brown.  The nose and taste both bear little resemblance to most modern bourbons I’ve encountered.  The nose is pleasantly musty, without any other distinct notes.  The flavors are reminiscent of Christmas – heavy with spices like nutmeg and cinnamon, with dark orange, too.  The expected bourbon notes like maple, vanilla, or wood, aren’t easily found.  Tasted blind, I’m not sure I’d even be able to ID it as a bourbon.  On the tongue, this whiskey feels pleasantly thick and oily.  I really enjoy these dusty bonded Old Foresters, as they’re incredibly rich and don’t look, smell, or taste much like anything else.  Frankly, if modern five year-old bourbons were as unique, and as rich-feeling and tasting as this Old Forester, I wouldn’t spend nearly as much time searching out old bottles.


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