Linkwood 1991 “The Sovereign” (K&L Selection) Scotch Review

IMG_0902Type: Single Malt Scotch

ABV: 58.8%

Age: 21 Years Old

Price: $109

The nose on this honey-hued whiskey is pretty subdued.  Some concentrated sniffing yields a pleasant whiff of white grape and … apricot?  Peach, perhaps?  Sipped neat, there is a terrific saltiness across the tongue, followed by flavors of tropical fruits like coconut or mango.  Although the flavors are quite light, the mouthfeel is pleasantly heavy and oily.  However, at full strength there is quite a bit of alcohol in the way.  Adding water doesn’t necessarily help matters, though.  Although it does amplify the delicate fruit flavors, it also brings out some not terribly appealing woodiness.  Overall, this is a style of scotch that I enjoy, with flavors that I tend to seek out, but it’s a bit hot taken neat, and a bit muddled with water.  If you don’t mind a bit of burn, I think this bottle has a lot of appeal.  It reminds me a bit of K&L’s earlier 21 year-old Littlemill, bottled under the retailer’s Faultline label (another somewhat alcohol-forward bottle with plenty of tropical fruit flavors).


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