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Faultline (K&L Selection) Bourbon Review

Type: Bourbon Age: No Age Statement ABV: 50.0% Price: $39.99 Although I’m crazy for bourbon, I  admit that its flavor spectrum is fairly limited when compared with that of single malt scotch. The taste profiles of modern bourbons are dominated

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Ezra Brooks 15 Bourbon Review

Type: Bourbon Age: 15 Years Old ABV: 50.5% Price: N/A I  recently read McCay Coppins’s remarkable profile of Donald Trump.  It left me chewing on a couple of questions: first, why a man with so much –  not simply wealth and

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Four Roses Single Barrel OBSV (K&L Selection) Bourbon Review

Type: Bourbon ABV: 61.6% Age: 10 Years and 6 Months Price: $59.99 This bourbon smells overwhelmingly of tobacco.  Closing my eyes and sniffing the glass is like shoving my head into a (well-stocked) cigar humidor.  On the tongue, it’s more

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Fighting Cock Bourbon Review

Type: Bourbon ABV: 51.5% Age: 6 Years Old Price: $18 About a year ago, my wife and I spent an evening at the home of our friends Phil and Mary.  Soon after we arrived, one or the other of them

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Old Forester Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon (1960) Review

Type: Bourbon ABV: 50% Age: 5 Years Old Price: N/A The government tax stamp indicates that this whiskey was barreled in 1955 and bottled in 1960.  Despite spending such a short time – by modern standards, at least – in wood,

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Weller 12 Bourbon Review

Type: Bourbon ABV: 45% Age: 12 Years Old Price: $25-30 This one’s a bit of a heartbreaker.  I have been a regular buyer of Weller 12 for about a decade.  During that time, a (welcome) guest in my home could

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