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Linkwood 1991 “The Sovereign” (K&L Selection) Scotch Review

Type: Single Malt Scotch ABV: 58.8% Age: 21 Years Old Price: $109 The nose on this honey-hued whiskey is pretty subdued.  Some concentrated sniffing yields a pleasant whiff of white grape and … apricot?  Peach, perhaps?  Sipped neat, there is

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Old Forester Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon (1960) Review

Type: Bourbon ABV: 50% Age: 5 Years Old Price: N/A The government tax stamp indicates that this whiskey was barreled in 1955 and bottled in 1960.  Despite spending such a short time – by modern standards, at least – in wood,

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Weller 12 Bourbon Review

Type: Bourbon ABV: 45% Age: 12 Years Old Price: $25-30 This one’s a bit of a heartbreaker.  I have been a regular buyer of Weller 12 for about a decade.  During that time, a (welcome) guest in my home could

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No Pappy? No Problem.

Like many of you, I’ve been conditioned to genuflect before bottles of bourbon bearing the name “Pappy Van Winkle.”  It’s hard to resist the allure of the brand, as articles in major newspapers and men’s magazines trumpet Van Winkle as

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Before You Bid, Buy, or Bunker

It’s increasingly easy to spend large amounts of money on various rare and limited whiskey releases. Not only are companies issuing more and more super-premium bottles, but the proliferation of internet sales, online exchanges, and auctions have made these bottles

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