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Faultline (K&L Selection) Bourbon Review

Type: Bourbon Age: No Age Statement ABV: 50.0% Price: $39.99 Although I’m crazy for bourbon, I  admit that its flavor spectrum is fairly limited when compared with that of single malt scotch. The taste profiles of modern bourbons are dominated

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High and Low: Buffalo Trace Straight Rye Head-to-Head – Colonel E.H. Taylor, Jr. vs. Sazerac

Type: Straight Rye Whiskey ABV: 50% Age: No Age Statement Price: $75 Once I’ve spent money on a bottle of whiskey, I try to  never again think about its price.  I prefer to focus on the contents of the bottle,

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Ezra Brooks 15 Bourbon Review

Type: Bourbon Age: 15 Years Old ABV: 50.5% Price: N/A I  recently read McCay Coppins’s remarkable profile of Donald Trump.  It left me chewing on a couple of questions: first, why a man with so much –  not simply wealth and

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Fettercairn 1995 “Exclusive Malts” (K&L Selection) Scotch Review

Type: Single Malt Scotch ABV: 56.1% Age: 17 Years Old Price: $89.99 Look at this picture of Greta Garbo.  Grasp for the now-clichéd superlatives required to describe her skin, as free from flaws as the lacquer finish of a prewar

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Laphroaig 1991 “Signatory” (K&L Selection) Scotch Review

Type: Single Malt Scotch ABV: 55.2% Age: 16 Years Old Price: $115.99 To paraphrase the beautiful D. Boon,  spending $100 on this bottle made me feel like a dork. A sexy, optimistic dork. The nose on this Laphroiag is familiar to

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Four Roses Single Barrel OBSV (K&L Selection) Bourbon Review

Type: Bourbon ABV: 61.6% Age: 10 Years and 6 Months Price: $59.99 This bourbon smells overwhelmingly of tobacco.  Closing my eyes and sniffing the glass is like shoving my head into a (well-stocked) cigar humidor.  On the tongue, it’s more

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Mortlach 1990 “Chieftan’s” (K&L Selection) Scotch Review

Type: Single Malt Scotch Age: 22 Years Old ABV: 58.1% Price: $169.00 The color of this Mortlach, aged in barrels that previously held sherry, is absolutely striking.  If red velvet cake were a liquid, it’d look like this stuff.  Visually,

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George Dickel Single Barrel (The Party Source Selection) Tennessee Whiskey Review

Type: Tennessee Whiskey Age: 9 Years Old ABV: 51.5% Price: $45.99 George Dickel is the “other” Tennessee whiskey – the one that’s not Jack Daniels. This 9 year-old selection is rich and sweet. Hugely sweet, even. It’s also remarkably smooth. 

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Fighting Cock Bourbon Review

Type: Bourbon ABV: 51.5% Age: 6 Years Old Price: $18 About a year ago, my wife and I spent an evening at the home of our friends Phil and Mary.  Soon after we arrived, one or the other of them

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“Things change, people change, hairstyles change, interest rates fluctuate.”

*The title of today’s entry comes from the 1984 film Top Secret.  This marks the first, but likely not the last time that I will apply insights from Top Secret to the world of whiskey. Until about fifteen years ago,

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